StarCraft and XP

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by fedele, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. fedele

    fedele Guest

    has someone been able to play starcraft in WIN XP? it's been a while since I don't play this classic title and Xp didn't seem to like it much, video freezes and everything is very slooooowww....
  2. Jewelzz

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    Please only post your question once, Thank You! :)

    Your other thread was deleted.
  3. _DM_

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    fedele go to START click programs click starcraft folder, then right click on your starcraft icon which u run, then click on properties then click on compatibility, and click on run compatiblity mode and u can run it on Win95 or Win98 etc... maybe thats how u can solve it. i have winXP and it works fine
  4. Corolla568

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    same thing happened to me. What I did was get the starcraft patches straight from or or some site you think would have it. Then i ran it, and it fixed itself up nicely. Its a step from my constant WC3 playing haha