Standby dissappeared!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sticky9mm, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. sticky9mm

    sticky9mm Guest

    :confused: for some strange reason my standby button is unselectable in the shutdown menu?

    anybody got any ideas?
  2. XP PRO

    XP PRO Guest

    Humm.. I don't even have a standby button, it only gives me the hibernate option. Sorry I can't help :(
  3. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    you know what...

    I had installed XP on another machine... had standby on it
    even had it on standby when i took a break for the night.

    Woke up... installed the rest of the software and when it came to the end of the night... went to standby and it was greyed out!

    I have no idea why and what did it
  4. Womble

    Womble Guest

    I think it depends on your power saving settings in control panel.
    Though why they've arbitrarily changed .....
  5. Braniac

    Braniac Guest

    It´s possible you´ve installed a hardware driver that doesn´t support it.
  6. X-Istence

    X-Istence * Political User

    you might have acpi turned of in the device control panel. Go to the device manager and choose acpi adn turn it on.
  7. existenz

    existenz Guest

    Well, on my computer, I had standby/hibernate greyed out too...

    the solution was...a restart!

  8. Detonator

    Detonator OSNN Addict

    I had to reinstall mine.(I have 4 days left to activate windows again and it's getting pissed off)