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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mylarache, Jun 3, 2002.

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    Hello people ,
    Iam using win xp pro and win 2000 pro (double boot) My problem is that i can not set my pc on Stand by mode.
    If i choose start then Shut down and then stand by i receive a black screen that my pc is going to restart.
    NB: Iam having 2 network devices ( one for my home network and the seconde for my internet cable modem.
    My pc is up to date
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    Did it but without any effect
    Thank's ++++
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    ok it appares that you are trying to standby and on a LAN there is data beign sent to and from the connections , thus not allowing your pc to go into standby., but i could be wrong here.
    if i am then iam sorry, but some one will know the answer

    have you tryed changing the system standby settings in Power managemtnt ( power settings) in XP ?
    it could also be a Wake on LAN setting on the NIC if your card has this function on it try desableing it with ither removing the cable that connects from the nic to the mother bord