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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Shadow_Mx, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Shadow_Mx

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    Well, Im on a laptop computer, been running Xp for quite a while now (before release, I think 2526). And I never had this problem till some days ago.

    I use stand by and hibernate a lot, but now it freezes IF I stand by, turn on AND then stand by once again, without rebooting (same with hibernate).

    Is there a way to "fix" this problem, or should I just go back to reboot everytime....:confused: :( :confused:
  2. WAM

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    Funny you should say that, but that standby freeze happens to me as well, and like you it only happened sometime after using xp. Trouble is I installed and uninstalled so much since then that if it ever had anything to do with a system configuration I wouldnt know where to begin.....

    Let us know if u find out anything
  3. jw50

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    I dont know if this is related to your problem but there is a new update to XP that is supposed to fix certain problems with the standby mode, try going to the windows update site and see if that update might solve your problem.
  4. insaNity

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    Mine used to always freeze in suspend.

    I fixed it by COMPLETELY disabling power management in the BIOS (hand control over to windows)

    Maybe that is it, maybe it isn't, just thought I should mention it.
  5. Shadow_Mx

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    Well, that new patch is for resuming....not for going to stand by, but thanx anyways (I already had it)

    And about the BIOS thing, well, my laptop wont let me give proviliges to XP. I have a VAIO computer, if someone knows how to lend priviliges to XP, please, let me know.