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  1. Moejoe

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    AD aware has usually been succesful in getting rid of gator and other software but my baby brother downloaded and installed audion galaxy and i got this stuff that add aware wont remove

    When i start up explorer rather than go straight to google (my homepage) i get this line
    followed by google and a toolbar pops up with a search options sort of a mini portal

    Plus im getting all these Eanthology products which i cant remove including theor retarded anti virus tool

    Any help would be appreciated!:(
  2. Moejoe

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  3. [CpK]Bastid

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    try spybot search&destroy
  4. XP Abuser

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    good marketing tactic for antivirus program when they stick a virus on there its a java exploit and its common use is to change your homepage so you cant change it i say get a retail antivirus program i suggest norton antivirus it removes it everytime and ad ware may not have released an updates signature file thats how it discriminates spyware check for new sig file
  5. Enyo

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    If ad-aware and spybot dont get it i will be supprised.

    It sounds like LOP style of malware to me.

    It could be a BHO in which case you need BHODemon from www.spywareinfo.com which may be the best place to get help with a un-detected threat also and if it is LOP or simular they have a good removal guide.
  6. sboulema

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  7. Octopus

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    uninstall audio galaxy,some spywares won't be deleted unless you remove the program that was bundled with.
    you cam always use AVG anti virus which is free.
  8. Gus K

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    It's always a good idea to be familiar with the programs listed in Ad/Remove. Most of the 'legitimate' Spy Ware folks, will list their crap there for uninstalling.
  9. muzikool

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    If there is not an uninstall function in Add/Remove, you could download RegCleaner or a similar application that will remove all of the registry entries for that program. And if you haven't already, check msconfig to make sure that it doesn't load in the background during startup. There is a good chance that uninstalling AudioGalaxy will not remove this software, so I would suggest one of the other methods mentioned.
  10. napalmnthemorning

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    I've been a big supporter of Adaware in the past, however they don't have a built in on-the-fly file updater. I realize they'll have a new personal use version coming out next month, but I don't believe this newer version coming out will have the built in file updater either. SpyBot is the tops at this point. A very nice built in file updater.

  11. muzikool

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    I actually have the professional version of the new ad-aware release, and it does have a built in updater. This is definitely a welcomed addition and it's great. Also, within a week there were two new ref files, so they seem to be keeping up with everything pretty well. I definitely recommend the free version when it is released.
  12. chaos945

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    I find using SpyBlaster to be very effective if you don't have Adware Pro.
  13. dreamliner77

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    Ad-Aware Personal is out. Search the forums, there are a bunch of threads about it.
  14. Friend of Bill

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    Spybot Search and Destroy is also effective (and free). I love German ingenuity.:) From their cars to their sausages and beer. Prost meine damen und herren (something like that):D
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    I always thought Brost was spelled with a "B" - not a "P" - shows ya what I know!:confused: :confused:

    However, it may be overkill, but I run both Spybot and AdAware once or twice a week. Just to be different, I'll run one first one time and the other first the next time. Sometimes they catch something the other misses and sometimes the first doesn't miss anything. I'll never say use one over the other - I have come to trust both of them!