Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by efeezee, Jan 2, 2002.

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    This process (which i am pretty sure is related to my printer) gradually hogs more mem usage even though I am not printing. Right now, it is using 101,328K, and i think on boot-up, it uses like 9,000K only. Why is this hogging so much mem if I am not using it? THANKS!!

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    you are correct. It is part of your printer setup. Ensure that you have no jobs pending by viewing your printer status manager. If so delete or print them

    Are you printing to file or directly to printer.

    Is it a network printer

  3. efeezee

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    1. No Jobs Pending...
    2. I print directly to printer, but haven't printed anything since last reboot.
    3. It is not a network printer.

    I am not even trying to print, just noticed the large mem usage...


  4. efeezee

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    Any idea here?

    I am still having this problem... this fu**in Lexmark X83 driver is crap, and I wouldn;t be surprised if it is the source of the problem... anyone else running a Lex x73 or x83 on XP with problems?