Spoolsv.exe causing me headaches

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gladner, Oct 21, 2002.

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    My windows XP machine is networked with my mother's W2K machine. We have two HP printers one DeskJet 895 connected via USB to my XP machine and one LaserJet 1000 attached via USB to my mothers W2K machine. My problem is that whenever I print a document (from IE, Word, Photoshop...) spoolsv.exe starts up and hogs up all my resources. It also transfers as much data as my network will possibly allow (incoming and outgoing add up to about 10mb). This would not be a problem if it would just shut off after it was done printing but it doesn't.

    However if I print a document using the DeskJet (attached to my machine) there is no problem, spoolsv.exe starts up does it's thing and shuts down again.

    I think it might be an incompatibility between windows XP and the windows 2000 driver the printer uses. I would be tremenduously grateful if someone could shed some light on this annoying little problem of mine.

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