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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bush dogg, Feb 9, 2005.

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    There are e mail's being sent to people that pay for msn and hotmail premium services that are not from MS.

    The subject line " msn user information verification, verify your billing information"

    From " msn.........net or tech.........net"

    The first one came 1/24/05 this one wasn't to bad the Idiots forgot the link they wanted you to click on.

    The second on 2/7/05 with a working link but with bad word structure. They ask for you to click the link and sign in with your .net passport password and update all personal and credit card info :laugh: .

    Well last night I got bored so I clicked the link :eek: it looked like a MS site and yes I put my password in (so I could see what the next page was) :rolleyes: well thats where the form came up to put personal info in along with credit card number. The site looked like MS but wasn't so I closed out and went to change my password and contact microsoft billing (I was told the e mails are fake and have been out a few days or so, to forward them to her)

    So heads up.

    If you received one of these and filled the forms out change your password and watch you credit card these e mails are fake.

    Now off to check into an e mail I received with subject line
    " RE:Wedding 6kb" I never sent one out about a wedding " I wonder whats in there :rolleyes:

    Damn I hate when this happens.
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    People like that should be left hanging upside with their legs dangling, if you know what I mean.
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    Its always useful to be aware of incidents like this so thanks bush dogg. Its worth noting that professional bank / billing services will never e-mail you out of the blue and ask you to change your password then present you with an updated credit card - common sense will also prevent you from falling foul of these phishing attacks.
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    Reminds me of the one here, hell it's funny!