split a 1.7gb folder onto 3 cdrs without data loss??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dayle, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. dayle

    dayle Guest

    hey guys i need your help again

    ive got a folder thats 1.7gb big and has 3625 folders and 23557 files ...

    i want to put this folder onto 3 blank cds...

    now its impossible for me to do it manually cos by brain is minutely small ..

    so i need your help..

    is there an app that will automate this process without data loss and doesnt break individual files into fragments....

    please let me know

  2. dayle

    dayle Guest

    even if it doesnt prompt me to insert the next disk suring setup its okay..im gonna be extracting it to a folder on my other comp which is miles away from me now and then run setup
  3. Goldy

    Goldy Guest

    Aquire Nero you can drag and drop and there is a meter at the bottom to show when the disk is full.

  4. dayle

    dayle Guest

    as i said its got too mant subfolders and doing it manually im surely gonna miss some files/folders ...i already have nero and are aware of the meter

    nero has a multisession option but i dont know how to configure it
  5. oDin

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    did you try using winRar?...when you add files to a new archive you can choose how big you want each archive(aka .rar file) to be. i use it all the time. then just burn the archive files. one to a cd.

    hope this helps.

  6. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    there is a good solution..get DVD writer.
  7. dayle

    dayle Guest

    thanks odin

    octopus i wish i could 4.7gb would be a piece of cake but the drive costs 35000 rs and a dvd-r cost 450rs in india..know what i could get a whole new pc with a p4 2.8ghz processor in the same amount lol
  8. dayle

    dayle Guest

    i did the archiving using winrar .it made a 1.7gb folder into 2 archives of 615mb each...thats pretty good.but it took 50 minutes to do it on my p4 and another 45 mins to extract it...thats too much ..could someone please help me out with multisessions in nero 5.5
  9. Use WinOnCd 5, it splits files into several cd´s
  10. appzattak

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    winRAR is your best bet bro...yes it takes time no matter how fast your machine is but sak yourself....If you need it doen..then do it.
  11. dayle

    dayle Guest

    yeah i guess im gonna use winrar only thanks all
  12. GoNz0

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    Use winrar on its archive only setting, without the file compression it will take under a minute to split the folder into 3.
  13. dayle

    dayle Guest

    ahh gonzo if youd only said that earlier...ive already burnt the 2 rar's of 618mb each...its not that bad though anyways