Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Ci2e, Apr 4, 2004.

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    Has anyone purchased this game yet. I have the multiplayer demo and it really is something special. It's unlike anything else available at the moment, and it most certainly worth a look. The only big problem right now is I think they added punkbuster support with the v1.1 patch. So when you try to join a game if the arrows spinning around the globe don't stop spinning your most likely going to get a message that reads, "The game session is no longer available". I watched the video review at Gamespot.com and the reviewer mentions the current problems and mentions punkbuster having problems in the full version- I'm not exactly sure if the demo is taking on the same troubles as the full version but it sure seems like it.
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    Just rented it on Xbox. Multiplayer gameplay is awesome! [​IMG]
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    I have it on pc... it doesn't look quite as polished a port as teh first but the story is kewl and the new moves look decent :D

    plus... its splinter cell... same kewl stealth action...