Splinter Cell and Voodoo cards

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by napalmnthemorning, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. napalmnthemorning

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    Anyone playing this game with Voodoo cards?

    Is it possible.. ?
    I'm running Voodoo 5 5500 and was thinking about getting SC. Don't want to waste my dl time and/or $$..
  2. TheManiac

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    wouldnt recommend it at all.. duh :rolleyes:
  3. syn

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    College Park, MD
    i would not recommend it, voodoo is a bit out of date and mostly newer ati and nvidia cards are the only one you will get good performance from
  4. Banned

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    Voodoo stopped support on their cards at DirectX 7. Splinter Cell requires a minimum of DirectX 8.1a, and suggests DirectX 9. Your Voodoo card will not support DX8 or 9 with any of the WHQL drivers that may be available for it. You can search the net for some cobbled together, half-assed drivers but I doubt very likely that they will play nicely together with SC.

    I have played SC on my system religiously for the past week, and I am running a gForce2 Ti. You can find them for roughly 80 dollars US on the high end of the price scale. Prolly cheaper now.

    If you insist on keeping the Voodoo, then dont waste your money on any newer game that has come out in the last two years or so.
  5. Krux

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    don't get a geforce 2 ti thats just a waste of money if u buy a video card get a geforce 3 for 20 bucks more way more powerful card. plus u get to play games like doom 3 with it (well can try anyways :) )