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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by goldstar0011, May 8, 2002.

  1. goldstar0011

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    I need help!
    I got a load of files of Kazaa (TMD, TMM..etc versions) but are black.
    Do I need a different codec?
    Or can someone tell me what a good version is named or tell me where I can get access to an ftp with it, I got a cable modem so a fast one would be good. (Willing to trade stuff)
  2. bheagle

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    prolly done in divx 5
    goto divx.com
  3. resentment

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    Goldstar, I have the SAME EXACT problem as you have, NONE of those files work, and different media players just do the SAME exact thing, I was just wondering, for goldstar and I, where is a program that can get us the real thing?:confused:
  4. xk_2hot4u

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    Yea I downloaded a couple spiderman files and no luck either. I've been on it for couple hours and it seems that all the stuff uploaded on Kazaa is pretty worthless. Alot of peps will put files that dont work just to waste our time. It seems that to get a version that works u gotta have "connections" to peps who know bout some classified sites where u can get them. If anyone reading this knows of one of these sites private message me pls.
  5. Tbird94sc

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    divx 5 works for me
  6. xk_2hot4u

    xk_2hot4u Guest

    Yea I got Divx5 and the latest codes...No luck. Could u tell me where u got it from? thks
  7. Tbird94sc

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  8. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    thing is i didnt install nething else so maybe you have an incomplete filke or a fake copy of it how big are your file sizes and how many files is it?
  9. xk_2hot4u

    xk_2hot4u Guest

    Well I got it off Kazaa, I only downloaded the 1of2 part and the size of it is 156MB. It says for type of file: Video Clip.
  10. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    thats not it

    the sizes should be

    part 1 : about 710mb
    part 2 : about 726mb
    part 3 : about 721mb
  11. xk_2hot4u

    xk_2hot4u Guest

    Thats the centropy version right? If u could u think u could pm me where I could get it. Thks
  12. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

  13. The Centropy .mpg's are svcd encoded, so play them in WinDVD using your playlist. I got part 1 and 2 off of KaZaA easy, but 3 sucks nuts on KaZaA. The version changes every day. I am now downloading the third off of EDonkey at 35-50kbps. If that doesn't work, a guy from divxlist wrote me back with his ftp. He has CD3.

    He said it was only on from 2am to 10am P.S.T. :( so I will test it after I watch SNL. The link he gave me is ftp://guest:dj_station@

    He supposedly has T1.

    EDonkey is your best bet.

    If you have CD3 I will trade 1 or two with you, but only if you have paid to see Spiderman in the theater like me.
  14. pegusus

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    dude... no piracy here

    hey you should go to divx digest and get all divx codecs. also you aret supposed to post links to pirated material here.
  15. it doesn't matter. the link doesn't work :D :cool: :rolleyes:
  16. xk_2hot4u

    xk_2hot4u Guest

    Sweet I was trying to play it in WMP but would lock up after 5 min. Now in WinDvd its working fine.