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    Please help as i finally got a good resolution version of spiderman on kazaa even though i seen at movies.
    Problem being i have always used the divx4.11 codecf for windows media player(not complete divx player +package)as this enables me to watch movies in WMP or POWER DVD 4 XP , but the new spiderman has no picture just sound and WMP fails to download codec message appears.
    I would appreciate any feedback but i do not want the complete divx package just the codec,i believe it is a higher number now like 5.something.
  2. download the 'package' - in the install, just do a 'custom' installation, and choose only to install the codec ;)

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    Is it the SVCD version?

    Are you trying to run the DAT file?
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    god with kazza now every moron and there mother tries to be a software pirate...but... there just to plain stupid
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