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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Daviesbad04, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. Daviesbad04

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    Well I just broke my own record. I d/led the whole Spiddy man movie on a 56K, thats a 330 MB download. It only took me 11.4 hours at an average speed of 8.9Kbps........

    But thats not the ques. the 2 questions i got are 1. Is there any program out there that can piece both parts of the movie together and make them into one?, and 2. Can i convert the .avi movie files into mayb another type of file, if so how?. Im not 2 much of a genius when it comes to that type of stuff. Help if greatly appreciated!;) :confused:
  2. a1ehouse

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    Sorry to disapoint, but it's poo
  3. G-Money

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    Nero will convert to VCD format !!! Not sure how to make one file out of too.

    Im sure theres a progy out there !!!!

  4. Iceman

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    Thats an understatement, if I have ever heard one, coming on here and bragging about downloading illegal files.

    Think about it before u say it !!!!!!! :mad:
  5. Eolis

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    I don't think the whole movie would be 330mb anyways. That seems a tad small to me......:rolleyes:
  6. Daviesbad04

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    Re: Re: Spider-man movie

    C'mon dude, like 3/4 of internet users are d/lin illegal stuff off the internet. Some people like me just dont have the tools needed (DSL or Cable) to d/l cool stuff like hacked games, programs etc etc.

    Im not being a criminal, Im just being like everybody else.:p

    Oh and im not braggin, im just tellin ya dudes. The only way i could brag is if i d/led the whole 500meg version of the movie in 5 seconds! Now thats worth braggin about!:)
  7. Daviesbad04

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    Well one Kazaa i saw a 500 and somethin meg version, but that was a tad too big for my little 56K. So i d/led one that was part 1-140Megs and part 2 170megs wich is about 310-320 megs all together:)
  8. 2z

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    This Program will put them 2gether for you, but make sure your page file is more than the size of both files.
    Ordix Interactive
    Mpack Professional v4.00
  9. brocher

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    use TMPEGEnc to join the files then u can covert using the same.
  10. X-Istence

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    hehe, and you call that bragging, 300 MB is not much, i downloaded 2 Red Hat 7.3 CD's on 56 k modem connected at 28.8 k in 2 days, which is downloading day and night, now that is a lot, it is around 1.20 - 1.30 GB
  11. G-Money

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    The Spiderman files are 159 meg and 142 meg. There are two of them.... They are in AVI format and are CAMS.

    If you dont know what a CAM is then I will tell ya.....

    A cam is a movie that is recorded by taking a laptop computer in the theater with ya and record the movie... They often dont look so hot.. But if your after a boot leg , then there ya go....

  12. Daviesbad04

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    Yea i know how it was made bud. They used a CAM, but i dont care. I dont really have the time to d/ld a 500 megabyte file. Im not very patient. I dunno how i even took 11.4 hours of waitin!:p
  13. Daviesbad04

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    Where could i get that program at?:confused:
  14. Daviesbad04

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    How did u do it?

    I mean 1.3Gigabytes? Dam, worse of all u was connected at 28.8k, Atleast i connect at 115kbps. I couldnt take a 2 day download. Id pull my hair out!:mad:
  15. Golgac

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    Re: Re: Re: Spider-man movie

    Criminal behavior is criminal behavior whether 1 person is doing it or everyone is doing it. (me included, I have broken the law by downloading mp3's)