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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jas, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. jas

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    IS there any way to customise the special directories, in particular My Pictures. I`ve moved the dir to a different place, well i`ve reassigned it`s location using tweak-zp, but i hate that it displays thumbnails and slows down when it has to refresh the thumbs.db

    I want it to display as a list all the time, but when i right click there`s no Customize tab in the properties. I tried saving to another dir but it always defaults back to the assigned dir and it`s really bugging me
  2. MrFred

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    I have never used tweak-zp but....
    If you use Windows Explorer to select (highlight) your My Pictures Directory, then on the Standard Buttons Bar click on the Views Icon and select either the List or Details option this will change it from the thumbnails view.
    Hope this helps
    best wishes
  3. jas

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    If i go into the dir through explorer then it`s viewed as a list it`s just in IE that it`s viewed as thumbnails and thats what i want as a list, when i get the save box in IE