Sparkle GeForce3 Ti200

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by chp, May 19, 2002.

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    OK - so I believed the guy behind the counter and bought the
    128m G3 Ti2000 Sparkle VGA card(SP7000T2). I get home install the card (drooling) and..........(sanitized version below)

    Only to find XP will not load the drivers due to hardware incompatibility.

    I've down loaded setup files and drivers from the manufactures web site and Nvidia, all with the same result. NOW!

    1. Do I wait until the manufacture gets their act together and post new drivers. ( I've already written them a polite request, I think)

    2. Put on the ski mask and go back to the store

    3. Or is there someone out there who may know the solution to this problem
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    Have a look here . Under "tech support".
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    My problem continues and I suspect re instalation of XP is in order as MS Tech support advises due to hardware changes XP need to verified again!