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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sshenriksen, May 12, 2002.

  1. sshenriksen

    sshenriksen Guest

    Hey Guys.
    I have a HD on 122 GB. I currently use 57 GB of that, but Win XP says I only have 1,2 GB free on that partition. How do I fix that? Do I have to delete everything? or what.

    Please help.

  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    I'm not real clear about what you're saying. You have a 122 gig hard drive and your using 57 gig of it but XP is reporting you only have 1-2 gig left, is that correct? Or, are you saying you have this drive partitioned somehow, and if so, how do you have it partitioned up. I think you're not getting any responses because your post is a tad bit confusing. Try restating your issue for us and we'll help you nuke it out.
  3. Skwowwy

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    I understand what he means. There's probably an error in displaying the free space. Run Scandisk to fix it. :)

    If it doesn't work, report it to us and we'll try to help you out.
  4. sshenriksen

    sshenriksen Guest

    The drive is 122 GB. 1 partition. Your assumption is correct, and I am sorry about the confusion. I am not sure how to run scandisk in XP pro?



    Thanks by the way TIHI
  5. xsk8zerox

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    Right click on the drive>properties>tools>error checking>scan now. Then youll have to reboot and it will run.
  6. sshenriksen

    sshenriksen Guest

    OK. I ran the error check. It came back with nothing. Then I tried Defragmenting the drive. It told me it couldn't, because the disk space was reserved for system. What do I do? I deleted some of the files, so now I am at 43 GB, but it still says that I have 2,2 GB free. I can't write to the drive anymore, because there is less than 1% left.

    Any suggestions?

  7. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Go to control panel> administrative tools> computer management> expand the 'storage' branch> highlight 'disk management'> highlight your drive and determine if the it's been formatted utilizing the entire 122 gig. If not, pick up a copy of Partition Magic and use it to retrieve the unused space... hopefully you'll have enough room on the drive for it to work ok. If you have to delete anything or remove any programs be sure to empty the recycle bin to free up that space.
  8. dijital

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    so your missing half of your hard drive space?

    run the fdisk utility in dos and display your partitions just to make sure nothing is hidden.
  9. sshenriksen

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    Hey guys. Thank you for the many suggestions. I am going to format the drive here in a few days. I remember seeing somewhere that that would help, and it is also what catch 23 said. I do need the space though for webserver.

    I will get back to you with the result.

  10. sshenriksen

    sshenriksen Guest

    Yes. It worked. If you ever have that problem just format the drive, and it works. :)

  11. Zer0_[X]

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    the only program that fixes windows :)