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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Clean_Rich, May 7, 2003.

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    Can SP1 for XP be uninstalled? System restore is not an option in this case.
  2. I think yes. I can not remember but I did install SP1 on my machine. I was given an option to have uninstall SP1 available in the ADD/REMOVE app. Check there. if it is there, use it to uninstall SP1 off Windows XP.
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    Thanks for the reply. Apparantly it's not a good idea to remove sp1 if you've installed programs since the install as told here:


    Has anyone here ever installed sp1 over the top of itself? If so, what were the results? My system is mosly running OK but I still get an annoying crash associated with explorer.exe and mfc42.dll. I've been experimenting and researching this issue in an attempt to salvage this install of XP. I would like to avoid a format if possible. I did install a supposed fix for this issue that I saw in another thread but my system still crashes but now I just don't get the error message for it. :mad:
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    If you saved the backup of SP1 on install, go to "Tools"/ folder options / view in C Drive, and"unhide" all systems files.
    The uninstall file can then be seen usually as the first entry in C/Windows, as "NT Backup"
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    If u seleted the option to archive the files, yes u can. I cant remember what folder it is in. If u start the sp1 file it tells u at the beginning, or u can go to microsoft webpage and search for it.
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    To fix a problem I think a repair installation (second repair option when booting from cd) would be a better option than uninstalling and reinstalling SP1. The repair installation should get the updated SP files from Windows\ServicePackFiles and the original files it needs from cd.

    Or probably best way - make a slipstreamed cd and use this for a repair installation.
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    Hi yoyo. I'm having some trouble booting to my XP disk for some unknown reason. I set all options in bios to boot to CD drive but it still won't boot to it. I'm pondering doing an in place installation/repair from within XP. Do you know if this will result in data loss or make my programs not work? I've never done this before so I don't know what the results will be and MS sites are kind of vague. Also, if I did a repair while booted into XP, couldn't I just reinstall sp1 after? Thanks. :)
  8. yoyo

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    I really would make a slipstream cd. It is just a cleaner way and it is fairly easy.
    Who knows this one will perhaps boot. Do you have any other bootable cd to test if it is just your XP cd that will not boot or if it is the computer?

    Anyway a repair installation from within Windows should be about the same as if you are booting from cd. Just make sure you check 'upgrade install (recommended)' and not 'new installation (advanced)'. There is also an option to get updated installation files when connected to the internet. Did not try this option so far, probably it would download and install SP1 and all the other updates.
    Your data and settings should be kept intact. You may however have to reinstall some drivers afterwards.

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