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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by LoctOut, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. LoctOut

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    I'm having a problem with the sound on my system.

    Any sounds called by the system sound just fine. (like logon, windows shutdown and so on)

    If I play the same sound through the media player, the sound is very didtorted, sounding almost like a bad casstte tape sounds.

    If I play a CD, it sounds terrible to, as well as sounds in a game.

    This is a new problem, the only thing I have changed is the speakers, which sound fine when the sound is called by the system.

    I'm using the on-board sound on my ASUS A7V266-E MB. No flags are showing up in Device Manager
  2. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I had a simular problem with the Yamaha drivers that came with Windows XP.. ( crackely ..distorted ..ect..) I updated the drivers and I have no problems at all.

    My suggestion is to look around for the lastest drivers if you have'nt already done this.
  3. Iceman

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    would help to know what sound is on that motherboard

  4. Duke Zootin

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    It's possible that your soundcard output is distorted because it's overdriven.

    So, before you go mucking about with driver files and such, take a look at some settings.

    First open your volume control applet, check and see if any of the sliders are maxed out or near the top. Turn them down some if they are. If you have a button labeled "Advanced" below the main slider control, click on it and check the bass and treble controls. Reset to mid posistion if present or not grayed out.

    Next, open MediaPlayer, go "View" -> "Now Playing Tools" and check "Show Eq and Settings". Check SRS and EQ settings, if either one is on, turn them off and recheck your sound quality. (SRS TruBass can easily overdrive a sound card).

    Finally, many sound card driver packages incude a standalone applet for tweaking sound. Not knowing what your card is it's hard to say if you have one. But, look in your control panel for any such applet. Check for effect settings (reverb, chorus or bass boost for example), try turning things down and/or off if you have any such adjustments.

    Good luck!
  5. LoctOut

    LoctOut Guest

    System is "fixed" now.

    I'm almost embarrassed to tell you what it was..........

    My son borrowed my speaker system for awhile, then returned them. It was after this that I discovered my sound was all messed up.
    I checked my drivers, device manager, uninstalled/reinstalled media plaers, checked the cable connections on the back of the computer, volume levels on my mixer and so on.

    What I didn't check was the connections at the speakers themselves (only checked to see if everything was plugged in correctly at the back of the computer).

    He crossed wires and somehow managed to plug them in even though he ignored the color coding.....

    Once I straighted out the connections (and a couple bent pins) my sound is normal.

    so, thanks Jim, Iceman, and Duke Zootin...........

    PS.... the kid is gonna be wired with an alarm that will go off any time he enters my room.......
  6. the_white_knight3

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    thanks guys, I was having a similar problem with winamp, then I read this thread and I looked down at my laptop and saw a little sticker saying "SRS TrueSurround XT" and I went into the advanced options and turned off the eq, everything worked after that. Thanks!!