sound skips and stutters when playing media files

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bill_gates_mom, May 3, 2002.

  1. Everytime I try playing a MP3, or an mpeg it seems like it skips and stuters for the first 5 seconds or so then its fine. I have tried the regular media player and winamp for MP3 but its all the same. Audio Cd's do this as well. Now my computer is no powerhouse but under windows 98 it played everything just fine. I tweaked the cache memory a bit and it seemd to help but not a lot. Any ideas or suggestions? My specs:

    AMD-K62 500Mhz
    128 RAM
    Riptide Modem/soundcard combo

    I am dual booting 98 and XP. 98 is on the primary partition and XP is on the next one. (I believe Microsoft recommends this anyway when dual booting 9x and XP)

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    Are you by any chance running a Nvidia based video card ? The reason I asked is that I also had this problem and after I removed the Nvidia card the problem was gone. Also is your machine a Compaq by any chance ?