Sound Problems After Xp Upgrades

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by miketrax, Nov 30, 2003.

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    My neighbour has recently put the Microsoft upgrades for XP on his machine. Ever since his onboard sound hasn't worked. He gets a message that another device is using the sound.
    After unsucessfully applying the latest downloaded sound drivers, I suggested he try disableing his onboard sound and fitting a pci sound card. No success though, still the same message about another device using the sound.
    I know it is a 'Time' 2gig+ machine with a Gigabyte MB. It is only about a year old and had been purring away with XP. . His wife tells me she has tried a drop back to a few weeks before he applied the new MS patches which appeared to cause the problem, but still no sound. I think it is a new pci soundblaster sound card.
    Anyone any ideas
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    Try switching the sound card to other pci slots. Also, try it in another maching to make sure it works