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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by paul2-0-0-2, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. paul2-0-0-2

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    Some time's the sound on my PC/Speaker's Goes Loud and then goes really LOW other time's :rolleyes:

    Yesterday it was wel loud i did'nt at to turn it up, but today i at to turn them up half way :confused:

    ANY1 Know wat the problem could be

    It anit the Speker's cause i'v tried them with My HI-FI and they work Fine no problem's at all :(
  2. Jahya

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    mmmm Whiskey Tits

    Anyway, I doubt I can help you. But here's a thought....

    When experiencing these sound fluxuations, are you using the same type of media or is it louder for some types of media than others? For example do your mp3/wav files play louder than cd audio or midi? If so, check your sound levels in the control panel to make sure they are all relatively level or adjusted to your personal taste.

    Does this problem occur using different audio/video apps? If so check the master volume for each app and make sure its not turned down real low on some of them.

    In the device manager are there any conflicts?

    What kind of soundcard do you have? Is it old and (maybe) dying? or is it shiny and new? maybe somewhere in between?
    Try moving it to a different slot or at least pull it out and stick it back in the same slot. Amazingly enough sometimes this simple action can fix the strangest things.

    If all else fails scream and curse at it. Usually doesn't help anything, but I find it makes me feel better and allows me to regain my focus so I can go back through the troubleshooting process again with at least a little less stress.