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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ModestCargo, Mar 27, 2003.

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    Lately I have been into listening to music on my computer. Can you tell me what programs are good for enhancing sound? I already use DFX for Winamp3. My sound card is a Sound Blaster Live! 1024 and my speakers are Altec Lansing (2.1). Don't really know the exact model of the speakers but they sound pretty damn good.
  2. dubstar

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    winamp is great to play music off of. i use almost as much as i use my keyboard. just keep your codec up to date, and your hardware drivers fresh, and you'll be in audio-heaven

    btw: this should be in software
  3. Taurus

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    if you want your music to sound it's best, don't add any "enhancements" and play it like it's meant to be heard.
  4. mbunny

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    Thats like saying don't use the equaliser cause the studio has tweaked it to the right settings.

    Yeah... the studio tweaked it for their you can hear a pin drop environment but our loud case fans deny us that =P

    I love Full Bass & Treble eq setting on WinAmp 2.81 =)
  5. XP Abuser

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    get an audigy 2 souncard

    24bit 96khz sound you cant get any more enhanced than that:cool:
  6. Zedric

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    What load case fans? :p
    THAT's why I always want my computer quiet. :)

    No offence, but Winamps eqalizer sucks major dung-pile and sounds like cr*p if you up the levels past the mid-line. If you want to use an equalizer, use another. It'll sound much better.

    IMO! ;)
  7. mbunny

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    shame most mp3's are 16-bit 44khz sound waves =P

    24-bit 96khz sound... now thats marketting hype for ya.
  8. XP Abuser

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    but d00d can you feel the difference in games

    mp3s are **** lossy crap i dont use them
  9. jumpy

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    XP Abuser, I'll think you'll find that a lot of newer games use "lossy crap" formats such mp3 or ogg vorbis. :)
  10. mbunny

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    What he said.

    UT2k3 uses ogg for the music

    NOLF2 uses mp3's for the music
  11. XP Abuser

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    help im getting raped of my pride:eek:
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    tehe don't you just love it when you make yourself look stupid? :D its always good to know I'm not the only one that does it :)
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    dammit i know what i mean is rite. why rape me again krux:(
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    LOL @ XP Abuser.
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    Get Winamp 2.81 and Octimax, im serious, octimax makes ure mp3's sound so much better by doing real time mixing. all audiophiles try it right now as i was so amazed, i run an Audigy2 and im quite into sound.

    TRY IT NOW! im serious