Sound blaster live plays only static!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by gladner, Nov 17, 2002.

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    Today my sound card (Sound Blaster Live Value) started playing only static. You can sort of hear the music behind the static. I have checked my speakers (they are attached to my stereo and still play CDs very well). I haven't installed or uninstalled any software in the past few days and this problem just sort of happened literally over night.

    Please help, I can't have a computer without sound (I must have my music).

    My drivers are dated 3/18/2002.

    Please don't tell me it's the sound card that somehow got fried.
  2. rettahc

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    have you checked the connectors on the back of the card? make sure they didn't get pulled loose.
    try uninstalling the card drivers rebooting and reinstalling.
    if that dosent help try physically removing the card and putting it into a different slot.
  3. egghead

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    i get static out of my sblive

    it does this on different computers and also at bootup

    its fried

    i suggest hooking up the rear speakers as your main and goto control panel and select sound and configure for 4 speaker quad output

    my card sounds good

    but now i have a digital 5.1 speaker system so now i go thru digital only

    if i use analogue i get static from the front

    this might not be your situation both i thought id give you this to try

  4. apu95

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    aw that sucks....that happened to me a long time ago and it was fried...and it too happened over night. its stuff that happens rarely...its just pure "luck"
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    Also check out the creative site. This has been mentioned on it before. Don't ask me where though. I just came across it one day a while back.