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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wmitchel1, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. wmitchel1

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    Hope that someone out there can help me. Soundblaster card is installed. Windows update updated the driver today. But still No sound.
    Since intalling windows xp can not get the card to work.
    Have tried creative web site but I sure that most of you know what that is like.
  2. Emeritus

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    What motherboard do you have and what other cards do you have installed?
  3. fedele

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    had a problem myself with SB LIVE! when playing some games sound was choppy, etc. It is now fixed with the new liveware update (full install) , which you can download right here in also check your bios you may have a Mother board with onboard sound. Disable that and unistall drivers and then apply the SB new drivers
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    I have a Sound Blaster Live Value. When I used the XP 2600 and 2602 drivers for it, the sound crackled the second more than one application emitted sound. The new SB drivers have fixed the problem from what I've seen.

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    the year 2525
    If the mainboard has onboard sound, is it disabled ?
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    Soundblaster Live
    Download the new drivers from here. unzipped them. then setup said that I had no sound card installed. Windows sees the card acouple of othe r programs see the card and intalled.
    Can someone please Help! Thanks

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    What about the motherboard and the BIOS mac? You need to know if your BIOS is recognizes your SB live! ALso. the software has a test utility. Run it from the start menu+Prog files+creative+SB live!+creative diagnostics....good luck mac!!!