Sony Viao Function keys missing

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Raycaster, May 29, 2003.

  1. Raycaster

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    For the life of me I can't log on to the Sony Viao village help forum so I have to ask here.

    I log on to the board and try to post a question and they quickly say I'm not logged in and have to register. I register for the 10th time and get the same message that I am already logged on ..blah, blah.

    Anyways, easy question I hope.

    I reformatted the sony Vaio FX340 with Xp and would like also to have the function key access for the screen brightness and audio volume. I can't find the software requirres on the Sony site and the email response from them is very slowww..

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    I formatted my VAIO FXA36 not too long ago with a fresh retail copy of XP Pro and I could stuill use the function keys afterward....I thought it might have been something in the motherboard...hmmm
  3. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    Two points...

    1. perhaps a moderator at sony's forum has to authorise your registration and therefore you can log in, yet not post.

    2. have you got any CDs lying around from when you bought the vaio? Was WinXP installed on it originally when it was purchased? Perhaps there will be software on a bundled CD which will enable the buttons to be used? I would've thought that some of the buttons will work fine yet certain ones will only work with a driver of sorts (usually bundled with the machine - or downloadable from (I think thats the URL))