Sony VAIO notebook

Discussion in 'Portable Devices & Gadgets' started by striko_514, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. striko_514

    striko_514 Guest

    Hi, I just wan to know if a sony VAIO notebook is a good kind of laptop.
  2. RaWShadow

    RaWShadow Guest

    I got a Sony Vaio PCG-NV209. got 4209 in 3D Mark. Build Quality is good. looks sleek. some good software with it. Yep sony laptops are good. I seen them Alienware laptops and they look awesome.
  3. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    I had a VAIO for a little bit. I loved it :)
  4. striko_514

    striko_514 Guest

    I'm thinking of buying a VX serie. I don't know if the VX series is too old or not good enough.
  5. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    don't expect to run any games on it. maybe 2d ones. it's only available with a p3 900 and no kind of hardware video acceleration.

    it also seems a bit expensive for a 900mhz laptop... cheapest is $1700. you can get close to a 2ghz laptop with other gadgets for that much.

    but it's thin and lightweight... so if that's what's important to you, go for it, i guess.
  6. striko_514

    striko_514 Guest

    I think there is only a small graphic card for Movies and DVDs on it. But your right, is a little expensive for a p3 900. I do not expect to play game on it. I can't see me with a laptop on a bus or in a plane playing game on a laptop. I'll reserve it for only write or maybe watch film. BTW, like you said, I like it because if very slim and light, so I can bring it easly.