Sony just doesn't get it

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    Furor Over Sony Patent
    Technology that could prevent resale of games and other digital goods raises speculation, fears.
    By Dawn C. Chmielewski, Times Staff Writer
    July 10, 2006

    Sony Corp. has patented technology that would prevent its PlayStation consoles from playing used, rented or borrowed video games — raising questions about whether the electronics and entertainment giant may attempt to redefine what it means to own something in the digital age.

    Sony has said little about the technology, patented in Japan in 2000, or how it might be deployed. But speculation over Sony's plans has sparked a furor online as game fans and consumer advocates fret that the company may incorporate it into the upcoming PlayStation 3 console, due to hit stores this fall.

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    Documents filed in April 2000 with the U.S. Patent Office describe a method of copy protection by which the game system would verify a disc as legitimate, register the disc to that particular game console, then wipe out verification data so the disc would be rendered unreadable in other PlayStations.

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    Alas this is what they were pushing blu-ray for, stricter copy protection.
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    Sony need to do it - They are loosing market share and people dont have the same view over Sony as they once did. This way the die hard Nosy fans still throw their money at the giant and then find themselves trapped.

    Of course if it goes forth - they are shooting themselves in the foot.
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    I make toasters for a living, but I only allow the owners of my toasters to use white bread. My business is slowly going bankrupt due to poor sales, but I can't figure out why. Can someone help me?

    Disclaimer: Minor exaggeration.
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  4. Johnny

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    Sony will be out of business pretty soon. They will never afford the influx of law suits. I for one will never buy another sony product again.
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    Thats the thing with Blu-Ray, there really is no advantage to it over DVD's except to the big media companies. Nothing would make Sony happier than you having to purchase the movie and pay a fee every time it is viewed. That is where Blu-Ray is headed.
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    I guess now would be the time to side with Hd-dvd...
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    I forsee a future were all this bad press catches up with sony.. All i know is i try not to but too much of there crap. yet its hard. hehe.
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    I have already decided (not because of price, but that helps) that I will be buying a Wii when it comes out. Sony's pig-headedness is one day going to destroy them.