Sony CDROM use to work just fine

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by trooper, Jan 10, 2002.

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    Here is my problem, I have a Sony CDROM drive that use to work just great. THe model is the CRX1611, I took this drive to work and hooked it up to my win98 computer and it works just fine. But at home under XP it only reads store bought CD's not CDR cd's. So none of my home made CD's work but regular CD's do.

    I did some searches found a few things none of them helped. I do have nero but it's gone and removing it didn't fix the problem, I also did a regedit thing and that didn't fix it. The thing is my CDROM drive works partly. I think for the other people it stopped working altogether, here is the kicker it worked just great for 2 months and all of the sudden stopped. I have a A7V266 asus mother board and a Athlon 1600+ XP cpu.

    thanks for your help guys.
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    here is a update, I had my cdrom hooked up only the power supple and again it would only read regular cd's and not CD-R cd's.

    I just tested the cd at work today and it was fine.

    I don't think it's the power supply since it would just not work at all.

    This is getting really strange.
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    has anyone seen this?
  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    It worked under XP for 2 months?

    You might see if there's a firmware update for your drive. Other then that i'm not sure what to suggest.
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    Yes it has been working under XP for two months, now that i think about it I did add a USB cordless keyboard to my PC, so now i have 2 keyboards. I got it for xmas and that's when the trouble started, i cant pin point the exact time when the trouble started but that seems to be about right. So tonight when I get home I'll un-hook the USB keyboard and see what happens. I really hope that will fix it.
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    Same mb, different Sony CD-RW, same problem. I tried a number of solutions, none of which fixed the problem. In the process (including the installation of some ASPI drivers), I blew out a hard disk and broke the sliding mechanism on the Sony drive (a bit of frustration). I swapped the Sony out for an NEC CD-RW, got a new h. d., and started over. I put Win 98 on first, hoping, erroroneously as things turned out, that some 98 file might surive to fix the problem. I installed Norton SystemWorks 2002 and an updated Nero before putting the XP CD in the NEC drive. The installation stopped 10 to 20 minutes later. The NEC drive, I was told, had "failed." So I reversed the installation back to Win 98 (my only choice), pulled the data cable from the NEC drive, and installed WP with no CD-RW drive on the system. XP installed. I reconnected the "failed" NEC drive, only to see it was really quite fine. In a mechanical sense, the drive never "failed." The XP thing running it did.

    You might try disconnecting any and all CD-RWs from your system and reinstalling XP from a non-CD-RW drive. I have no idea if this will work.

    Other possible solutions:

    Force PIO mode on the CD-RW drive in Device Manager (not ideal, but may get the drive working).

    Turn off virus checking in your BIOS. (Anybody with an explanation as to why this might work. . .)
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    Here is one for the record books, my problem was the second keyboard. I disconnected it and everything is fine.
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    wow, you're lucky you didn't run into so many problems like Sport_Ly...
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    Trooper, any chance I could borrow your magic keyboard. I won't need it but for a minute or so.

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    After looking at the problem a bit more the keyboard is not all that magical. I have a 300W power supply running a Athlon XP and the keyboard is a USB keyboard. Seems like the keyboard was taking to much power. I was talking to a friend and he said that for a Athlon systems you really need 350W. So it seems to have been a power issue more then anything else.