Sony CD-RW CRX100E with WinXP - 700MB fails

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Andrei4, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Andrei4

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    Hello Brothers!
    My comp is Compaq Deskpro EXD/P800/15c/9/192c
    Intel chipset mother, and Sony CD-R/RW CRX100E/CH EIDE
    installed later instead of Compaqs CD-R
    ( Windows XP service pack1 patched),
    The problem is that 650Mb CD-R/RW are writen and read well,
    but it fails to write 700Mb (80min) disks.
    I would resign myself if it was not my friend who gave me that drive to use. He swears he used it well, but before it, he tried several combinations of NeroBurning, Easy CD(Adaptec), CDMate and finaly cucceeded to write a 700MB CD-R and CD-RW , unfortunately he did not remember which combinations made to work this bloody drive (maybe he used windows2000? ).
    The symptoms he suffered and me do now, are the following:
    , 700mb all the named softwares treat normally , they do not complain , the burning proccess is reported as completed success, but the disks look like empty and they are not usable any more.
    Only WindowsXP built in Explorer tool reports that i have 600MB volume instead of 700MB and burn successfully 600Mb only.
    this link says that my drive is not compatible
    maybe some one knows where to get propper driver for CRX100E ?

    As You can see at the gif., the Verbatim Rewritable compact disk 700 Mb (clean, right-out-of-the-box)
    is treated like 595MB disk.
    I have uninstalled all the burning software, but it's all the same.
    As I wrote earlier , this drive is not supported by XP. Maybe I can get IMAPI / ATAPI driver for this CD Drive from a third party
    Any idea ?
  2. RogerPhillis

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    Not sure if this helps but cds alternately formatted on Nero and Cd Creator render the discs unuseable as far as my experience goes.
    Its likely that the original format or data tfr leaves some inaccessible data that takes up disc space.

    When you then try to reuse the disc using software 2 ,it appears to accept the burn, but info is accessible , and the previous usage accounts for the apparent difference in space.

    You may have to ditch these discs and try new ones, if this is what you have done.
  3. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec
    thats the easy cd creator as far as I know

    a buddy of mine had the same trouble and he use's easy cd creator I installed that one time and did not like it ..... after a format I never used that program again I use nero or clone cd or winXP's built in burner and never have trouble with cd's over 600mb