Sony CD-RW CRX100E with WinXP - 700MB fails

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Andrei4, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Andrei4

    Andrei4 Guest

    Hello Brothers!
    I have a Sony CD-R/RW CRX100E/CH EIDE
    drive in my Compaq deskpro, Windows XP service pack1 is installed, 650Mb CD-R/RW are writen and read well,
    but it fails to write 700Mb (80min) disks.
    I would resign myself if it was not my friend who gave me that drive to use. He swears he used it well, but before it, he tried several combinations of NeroBurning, Easy CD(Adaptec), CDMate and finaly cucceeded to write a 700MB CD-R and CD-RW , unfortunately he did not remember which combinations made to work this bloody drive (maybe he used windows2000? ).
    The symptoms he suffered and me do now, are the following:
    , 700mb all the named softwares treat normally , they do not complain , the burning proccess is reported as completed success, but the disks look like empty and they are not usable any more.
    Only WindowsXP built in Explorer tool reports that i have 600MB volume instead of 700MB and burn successfully 600Mb only.
    this link says that my drive is not compatible
    maybe some one knows where to get propper driver for CRX100E
    Happy New Year !
  2. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    are you sure your actually burning and not just doing a test burn?? what kind of files are you trying to burn??
  3. Andrei4

    Andrei4 Guest

    Hello, of cause, I am not doing test, the disks are spoiled , and when the disks are inspected by reflected light they have unburned inner circle 7mm wide.
    Any kind of data files (does it matter?).
  4. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    have an Sony 160E & no specific drivers (just the XP built-in driver ) for it under windows xp and the others O.S's ..
    as I know does not matter data
    Check compatibilities for this device for instance ( microsoft site )
  5. damnyank

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    Petal, Mississippi
    Please excuse me for being ignorant - but could you explain or give me a link to read more about this inspection by reflected light - it sounds like something this old man might like learning more about.

    Thanx in advance!:cool:
  6. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    i was going to offer a little advice for burning certain types of files and what works well for me

    i had almost 1500 CDR's in my collection so i know a thing or two about burning
  7. Andrei4

    Andrei4 Guest

    For the burning experience It does not make sense how many disks you've got , it makes sense how many you'd wasted.
    I will try to foresee one or two important questions and can assure that I did washed my hands thoroughly beforó the burning process. Do not ask where I found a link telling one should do it .
  8. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    I think he's saying if you turn the burnt cd over you can see how much space has been used by turning it too the light & looking for the different layers, burnt & unburnt............Maybe.
  9. RogerPhillis

    RogerPhillis Guest

    To cut a long story short, the disc formatting processes are different between Nero and Easy CD Creator.
    If you format discs using Nero software first especially, and then try to reformat and burn using ECDC, you would expect to find that any disc contents after copying, are inaccesible .
    Presumably you are only using recycled discs not new ones ??
  10. RobbieSan

    RobbieSan Guest

    A couple of things I would look at..

    first, since you are using third party burning s/w go into control panel > administrative tools > services > IMAPI > properties (set to disable) > reboot

    second, does your mainboard use a Via chipset? if so, the version you are using could be causing problems.. I recently did a fresh install of XP pro and used Via 4.43 thinking "latest and greatest".. most everything worked fine but suddenly my cdrw wouldn't complete a burn.. also, I tried to install UT2003 and it wouldn't compelte.. after much trouble I finally decided to try a different (older) via driver.. I randomly chose v4.33 and now I burn super fast and complete.. not only that but my PC speed increased, I **** you not, about 10-15%.. amazing how much of a difference the motherboard drivers can make..

    anyhow, hopefully some of these things will help..
  11. Andrei4

    Andrei4 Guest

    Hello Brother, My comp is Compaq Deskpro EXD/P800/15c/9/192c
    with Intel chipset m.b. (inside)
    with Sony CD-R/RW CRX100E/CH EIDE
    installed later instead of Compaqs CD-R
    As You can see at the gif., the Verbatim Rewritable compact disk 700 Mb (clean, right-out-of-the-box)
    is treated like 595MB disk.
    I have uninstalled all the burning software, but all the same.
    As I wrote earlier , this drive is not supported by XP. Maybe I can get IMAPI / ATAPI driver for this CD Drive from a third party
    Any idea ? :(