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Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Tuffgong4, Oct 25, 2004.

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    so I'm getting an Ipod and I've been ripping cd after cd to my hard drive and when I go into Itunes to make smartlists I did one for Bob Marley and I have 333 songs or 2.01GB by him and the wailers, and that's not even my whole collection of his music I own!!!

    So in the same spirit what is the most songs by one artist you have on your hard drive? Just curious
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    Well I have 37.67GB of DMB on my HD's. I'm not sure how many songs as they are in SHN and I'm not going folder by folder to check. :p

    *edit* - not sure if it counts or not but just found 8.61GB of DMB on my "server"