something is really wrong with settings

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by whatstnext, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. whatstnext

    whatstnext Guest

    when I click on INTERNET OPTIONS the following can't be accessed:

    homepage buttons: can't click them (current,default,blank)
    history: can't click any buttons

    Security should be set to what setting? mine at present is MEDIUM. Local internet - medium low Trusted sites - Low
    Privacy - Medium

    privacy: is set to medium (default button can't access)

    content: content advisory can't click any of the buttons (enable or settings)

    Advanced: what should be checked off?

    I had this tech guy come over and try to figure out what was wrong and sixty bucks later still can't figure it out.

    Any suggestions as to how to change the settings that I have and what are they suppose to be at in the first place.

  2. max

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    THis may sound silly, but are you logged in as administrator ?
  3. whatstnext

    whatstnext Guest

    well still the same

    checked the chiper strength and its at 128 bit, so any other suggestions. The same thing is still happening with the buttons and still can't click on any on the ones that I listed earlier...

  4. Folci

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    it wouldn't happen to be an HP machine would it? I have seen it like that before. I reformatted but i belive its in the registry somewhere. sorry if it dosen't help much
  5. whatstnext

    whatstnext Guest

    running anthlon

    I am running AMD Anthlon 1.4 GHZ with 512 ram 7200 rpm with burner and dvd drive. 40 Gig and 60 Gig hard drives.

    I would restore but can't do it at the moment have video project that I can't lose at this time. I may try that once I get the video off my hard drive and see how that goes. But that will be later this week before I get the video off my hard drive.

    The problem still exsists and can't seem to figure it out.