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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pittbullterje, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. I am having problems with running DirectX 8 games on Max Payne and Operation: Flashpoint... On max payne it says: Display adapter is not compatible with DirectX 8, and Flashpoint says: Cannot create 3D... Games like NFS V, UT, FIFA2002 runs smoothly

    When I run Dxdiag and I test Direct3D, it runs smooth when testing dx 7, but when about to start testing dx 8 it fuks up...view the attachment for DX log file...

    specs are:
    AthlonXP 1500+
    Abit KG7 266 mhz mobo
    Gainward Geforce 2 mx-400 32mb
    512 mb ram
    also BIOS is set to 4x AGP
    etc. etc.

    any help?
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    Did you by chance reinstall dx8 with one of the games? XP uses the dx 8.1 version and if you did then thats might be the problem.
  3. I think I've done that at some point...but that was after I experienced the problems...

    any way to reinstall DX 8.1 without reinstalling winXP?

    also, tried changing AGP from 4x to 2x in the BIOS without it helping me...
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    The link to the download site is at However, you also might want to check on the newest video drivers and also run dxdiag.exe to check any compability issues between your version of dx8 and the current vid drivers you have.