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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vertex159, Oct 5, 2002.

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    um.. just recently for some unknown reason my cd burner started to mess up. it can burn data cds and all that other stuff except audio cd's.. so i'm thinking it's a software problem.. can anyone help? or give some suggestions? i'm using the newest nero, and i have a tdk velocd 48x16x48 cd burner.
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    Well first I like to say Welcome to Second if you can post the error message that you get and also more specs for your system as it will help with trying to resolve the problem.
  3. maybe it's the problem with the nero. are you using demo? or using warez serial, or cracked nero? if yes that might be your problem. also if u burn audio cds at fast speed , nero might not have speed to convert mp3 files to wav files and burn them, lowering write speed could help
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    Is the music burning to the disc and you can't play it in your car or something like that? If it is you just might have to finalize the cd...
  5. right, my fireburner was not set to do it for some time, it was pissing me off till i found that it was not set to do automatically
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    i use the nero that came packaged with the cd burner.. and i don't get an error message. it just sits there at 1% for forever or until i reboot my computer. and even after i cancel the burning process, the cd burner still spins and i can't get the cd tray to come out. so basically, it doesn't even burn on to a cd, except for like 1%, which screws up the cd i use. i burn the cd's at 32x which is the fastest the cd's will burn.. i don't know why i would need to slow it down since it was fine at 32x before... please help! thanks for the replys so far.
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    Just a shot in the dark but are the disk you are using rated to burn at 32x? I had problems once trying to burn at 24x and found out the disk my neighbor had given me were only rated at 4x
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    yeah. thats why i don't burn at the max 48x. the cd's that i bought are supposed to burn at 32x max, at least thats what it says on the package.