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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sadsonic, May 26, 2002.

  1. sadsonic

    sadsonic Guest

    I have just repaired winXP by doing a full install on top of the old, keeping user settings etc.

    Now, when I scroll in explorer or Iexplorer it goes pretty slow, and it seems like it uses an awfull lot of resurces, because when playning music it stops...

    What can be wrong ??? This is really annoying .. plz. help

  2. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Try disabling use smooth scrolling under Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Use Smooth Scrolling (if checked, uncheck).

    Hope this is problem...:)
  3. sadsonic

    sadsonic Guest

    sorry, that dosen't work ... but I dont think it's scrolling thats the problem .. when I play a video clip it runs like on a p1 80mhz or something, and this is a 1.4, so there should be no problem.. strange ..
  4. xsivforce

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    What is your screen resolution?
    Update your video card drivers.
  5. sadsonic

    sadsonic Guest

    I have nVidia Geforce 2, but it worked before. Though, I have installed a new driver with no luck. But it seems like I have a problem with my card. Because I can't see any information about the card, when I use advanced in the settings for the screen.

    Also I installed winXP with a low-grafic screen avoid the complication between nVidia and winXP. Is this a problem ??
  6. Kezzas

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    i had the same problem

    Hi there

    i had the same problem with my xp1700, geforce 3 ti500 and soundblaster live.
    I had updated from Win98 to XPro and it was fine. I then updated my drivers for my sound card and then when i scrolled on explorer or IExplorer, the sound would jerk and slow down.
    I then put the older drivers back on and they were fine.

    I have got a new sound card and upon installing the new drivers now for my Sound Blaster Augoligy (what ever it is!) and it seems to have cured it.

    I still have a few problems with it though. When i play long songs, every 3-4 mins my mp3 would skip about 4 seconds ahead! Im using the latest version of winamp (if not the one before).

    Seems odd. :confused:

  7. sadsonic

    sadsonic Guest

    thx. But I can't even see my Geforce card, only as unknown multimedia card and multimedia screen card. (there are two unknown compenents).

    Other strange things has happened, I cant use standby or hibernation, and I can't update windows.

    This is a real headscrather, I think this has come to a point, that calls for a clean installation.