slow response when opening folders

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jimf28, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. jimf28

    jimf28 Guest

    lately when I click on a folder to see whats inside, the folder shows up empty and I have to wait about 20 seconds before it will show whats inside, during this time I can't open anything else, the mouse is moving around the screen but everything else if frozen until the folder shows up with content

    anyone having similiar problem?

    Defragged, checked for viruses, same problem

  2. beatlesdb

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    Yes - I had a similar problem with a bad HD - it's ususally a good sign that it is on it's way out - time to do a back up :)
  3. eNuffSaid

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    Ditto @ beatlesdb... if this happens often, it might be time to look for a replacement HDD.

    To see if your HDD is becoming corrupt, RIGHT click on the Drive letter > Properties > Tools [TAB] > Error Checking & Scan Now.

    Good luck and regards,
    Willem Moolenaar
  4. pacou

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    check your system

    scandisk, and the all , see your config , have you explorer error
    when you close your system ?