Slow Program installing and loading, but...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rok, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. rok

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    when the programs are loaded they run like hell. :D

    When i install for example a game "jedi knight 2" it takes very long for installing, copy to disk for example from a full cd-rom to harddisk, too.
    After installing, running the game it takes several minutes to load. but the game is running smoothly.

    What could this cause???

    I attached a picture of my hardware manager, because i could be that my harddisk is not right installed because its NOT an SCSI device.
    look at it.


  2. Qumahlin

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    Is your HD plugged directly into the Motherboard..or is it plugged into a controller card...cause if it's plugged into a controller card it will come up as scsi..also when you boot are all the DMA settings correct? like does it say Ultra DMA 4 or 5 or such?
  3. rok

    rok Guest

    its plugged in to the onboard promise ATA 100 controller.
    To the UDMA: i cant configure any UDMA options to my harddisk because its recognized as SCSI device but ITS NOT.

    My CD-Roms are UDMA configured.
  4. Valek

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    Is your BIOS configured with an option to "Load onboard ATA100 BIOS"? I have an Asus A7V that has this option in the BIOS. Also, I noticed that Jedi Knight 2 took FOREVER to install and my HDD is plugged into my ATA 100 controller but I used XP's reference drivers for my board's chipset (I850). It was automatically set to UDMA 5. I had very little luck using VIA based chipset and Promise ATA100 controller with XP. So little luck in fact that I would get Boot Disk Failures galore. So bad that I went back to 98 until I built this machine and all I can say about this box and XP is "Oh...My Lord". My God is this system ever so ROCK solid.

    Asus P4T-E
    1.6 Ghz P4
    512 MB RDRAM
    Seagate Barracuda 40GB ATA 100 HDD
    Leadtek Winfast GeForce3
    Hercules Game Theater XP Sound Card
    XP Pro
  5. rok

    rok Guest

    Hi Valek,

    i will look for the bios entry - thx!!!

    Yeah i hate via and promise, too. You got only problems with that combinations. But what shall i do, i cant throw my pc away :D.

    p.s i have the A7V, too
  6. Valek

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    If You have the A7V then MAKE SURE you Flash your BIOS with ASUS BIOS 1008...It's the very best and I couldn't even get my ATA100 Controller recognized Until I did so. You can download AFLASH.EXE and 1008 from Asus' site. Other than that it's a great board. I still have mine and Win98 is solid on it.
  7. rok

    rok Guest

    i flashed my board with 1010 bios -> is that not so good?

    Under Win98 i got no problems too, but under XP it is not so stable i think.

    Should i flash my bios back to 1008?
    thx btw!
  8. Valek

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    Rok, I didn't even know there was a BIOS 1010 out. The A7V is my wife's computer now and it is so stable with her that I never thought about looking for a new BIOS for it. Check this link out, I'm not sure how updated the site is but it sure helped me out. A7V Troubleshooting

    Also, I would STRONGLY recommend that you check out alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus with your favorite newsgroup reader (personally I use Forte Agent 1.9 and IMHO it is the best one out there) as you will find an absolute WEALTH of information from other Asus Motherboard users, what issues they have run into and how they fixed them. Also, you might want to check alt.certification.a-plus as there is also another source of unlimited knowledge. Hope that helps you.
  9. rok

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    Thx Valek for helping me.

    i will try what you suggested, but im not very good in using usegroups :D