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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Steely, Oct 10, 2002.

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    I wonder if you could help? I'm looking at a slow startup problem on one of our customers Compaq Deskpro PCs (p3-450, 128mb RAM). I've noticed that one file - CPQDFWAG.EXE is running between 94 - 96% CPU usage, bringing the PC to it's knees! I've found out that this app is part of the Compaq Diags. Is it possible to disable this app? I've checked the registry for apps scheduled up to start up on boot, system.ini, win.ini, etc. but can't find anything useful.

    Any ideas?


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    i had the same problem with my old compaq PC i used to have and couldnt find a solution to the problem besides formatting and installing which ever windows version you want on a clean install instead of using the disks compaq gave with the PC but the only downside of course you will have to reinstall any programs that were installed and you will lose any documents that were saved.besides that the only thing i could think of would be contact compaq cutomer support