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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by k0nartis06, Oct 26, 2002.

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    My roommate is having problems with his upload speed on our university LAN...we have a T3 connection but he cant seem to upload files to other people at over 100K/sec...its strange because I can from across the room on my laptop. He's got a Dell Dimension 8100 with integrated networking...he recently replaced that with a Linksys card but that didn't solve anything. His network properties window says his network speed it 10Mbps while mine says 100Mbps. He's running Windows XP Professional. Any thoughts on how to bring his upload speed up?
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    Set up the NIC to support 100Mbps Full Duplex (if supported by card manufacturer).
    New card might have imported previous networ setting. Alternatetively set the card to autodetect network speed and see what happens.
    Most important if you don't use the integrated networking anymore disable it (not uninstall) on the Device Manager... don't think that two networking devices always work together better than one...
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    That might even be a bad idea (no offence). First you need to know how the netowork is built. Is it a hub network or a switched network?

    If it's a hub network, full duplex is dead wrong. Half duplex ONLY here. It's also important to have the right speed set (10/100). The wrong settings will severely lower the transfer speed for you and everyone on the same hub.

    If it's a switched network you can use pretty much any setting. :) If it's switched, do what Rootz said.