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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by box2k2, Sep 26, 2002.

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    Someone might have an idea on this:

    Got my setup like so:
    Raid Primary Master : 40GB ATA100
    Raid Primary Slave :
    Raid Secondary Master : 20GB ATA66
    Raid Secondary Slave :
    VIA Primary Master : LG DRD8120b (UDMA2 40x extraction speed)
    VIA Primary Slave : Toshiba XM8720b (UDMA2 48x extraction speed)
    VIA Secondary Master : Liteon 40125s
    VIA Secondary Slave :

    When I try to copy a CD I am getting some very slow results from the DVD/CD.
    On the fly takes about three times longer than it should, with the Litey spending ages waiting
    Read then Write. The Read takes around 8-10 minutes and the burn around 3!

    I don't think I'm getting UDMA2 from either device. I have tried removing the CDrom, but the DVD is still stupidly slow.

    I've got SP1, running latest drivers for everything and using Nero
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    Sounds like you need the VIA mini port driver. I had that problem and none of my optical drives would run in anything other than PIO mode. Once I installed the mini port driver all devices ran at their proper DMA speed.
  3. box2k2

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    Had a brainwave.

    Just burned (on-the-fly) 700Mb CD in 3.03minutes using CloneCD4

    Had AOL7 online and WMP9 playing too. It's definitely Nero


    Used the miniport driver once before. Never again. Seem to remember Via don't recommend it for CDRWs anyway

    Just done it again, while writing this. WTF?