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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Homerbalooza, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. Homerbalooza

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    I havew had dsl for quite a while.It seems to be slowing down on me. My downloads are'nt going to fast, most times i gert like7 kbs/sec. And sometimes my pages load very slowly. Any thoughts?
  2. meisme

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    Ever tried cablenut.

    I've been using it for a while and it does make a difference.
  3. NLM

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    Also clean out yout temp internet files. That can make a difference. Be careful with some programs that "say" they boost internet speed. It may slow it down.
  4. j79zlr

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    You can use my little utility for the settings

    btw Cablenut is the best internet tweaking app out there. Alot of the other programs apply the settings in a one size fits all manner. Cablenut allows a nice interface to change the TCP/IP registry settings that are in windows to begin with. Therefore it allows you to customize certain things specific to your connection. The main thing for speed is the correct TcpWindow size, alot of programs think that a lrager window alows for a faster connection, this is very untrue.
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    the year 2525
    if your isp uses the same cisco routers that Bt does you will need an MTU of 1458
  6. X-Istence

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    You might want to also note that it could be your modem or the connection from the modem to the phone center.

    Check any inhouse connections and cabeling and make sure its not broken or shorting out. Try moving the modem to another socket in the house and testing then.
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    wow, lost of replys, thx guys i will try what u said:cool: :p :D