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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamworks, May 10, 2004.

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    Hi guys .. not sure where to post this but here goes ..

    I have a pc with the following specifications:-

    Intel P4 2.6Ghz
    512MB RAM
    60GB HDD
    Nvidia GeForce4 128MB RAM
    Asus mainboard
    Win XP Pro

    Everything running fine until I recently bought an Epson printer, C43 UX and started installing the software and printer.

    Problem came after everything is installed and the computer becomes extremely slow .. no matter what i do it is just lagging and lagging. Even after uninstalling the printer driver, it is still the same.

    What could be the problem eh?

    Thanks ..
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    Did you get the most recent drivers from the Epson website? If you used the drivers that came on a disk with your printer, there might be a problem with them, and an update on the website to fix the problem. If updated drivers don't work, I'm not sure what the problem could be.
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    Does Task Manager give you any information about what processeses are using the most memory and CPU time? Just wondering if anything looks out-of-the-ordinary.
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    New printer implies an old printer. If you did not uninstall the old printer it could have left drivers or application programs that are conflicting with the new stuff.

    Uninstall all printer apps and drivers,. Then roll back to restore point prior to the prblems. If the comp is ok after restore:

    Uninstall any old printers drivers and apps (yes again). make sure all is still good then create restore point. Now try the new epson install again.
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    you can find out what alot of that stuff in yer task mngr is from here :