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  1. Protac

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    I bought an LG 40x/12x/40x a couple of weeks ago.
    My problem is this:

    A friend of mine have an Asus 32x and burns a full 700 mb cd in 3 1/2 min. (In nero

    I burn the same cd in 5 1/2 min! Just wondering if it's a hardware fault and I should get my money back or if it's something I can fix.

    We use the same 40x cd's.

    found an old 16x cd, and with it it only took 3 1/2 min..
    seems like my burner just don't like the other cd's
  2. XP Abuser

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    could be the burner software initialising and finishing the disks i find it wastes time but its making sure the burn process goes smoothly are you using the same software as your mate could be the prob