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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kryten, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Kryten

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    Wonder if anyone can shed some light on this
    2 good spec pc's running xp home using ICS with cable modem. Have been running fine with no problems until recently. Problem is on the client computer the browsing is extremely slow (a few minutes to load a page) while fine on host pc. If the client pc is plugged directly into cable modem browsing is fine so I doubt there is a problem with this pc?
    If I don't browse and say just use messenger to send a file or photo between the 2 pc's I can transfer 200mb in less than 20 seconds so the 100mbs link betweent he 2 ethernet cards seems fine.
    Tried system restore on both pc's and have even formated and reinstalled windows on the host pc in case the ICS software was faulty somehow and even swapped nic's. Still slow browsing on client pc using ICS!

    Anyone have any ideas? I'll try anything twice:)
  2. PHiSHnz

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    WOW! you've been through... reformat and all...
    anyway.. i'd suggest making sure XP firewall is turned off.. it seems to have not very nice effects, bt has a way of turning itself back on every now and then... i just found out it was turned on today... could explain my crap connections lately ;)
    anyway. you've probably checked this.. maybe not ? i dunno bt it's a start and all i can think of.. no absolutely nothing about cable modems and stuff ;)
  3. Kryten

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    thanks for the tip but even after teh format I did not switch the xp firewall on and tried it completelty fresh and still no joy. I'm completely baffeled by it only left to try is format the other pc but that is really heavy handed tactics.