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    I've been seeing alot of post with references to "slipstreaming" your sp1 install... without discussing anything that might be construed as being illegal, can someone tell what it means to slipstream sp1 (or anything else for that matter) My XP Corp is legit as well, however, I to am worried about the recent Microsoft propaganda... Thanks in advance,

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    slipy whosie whatsit now?

    I to would like to know what this mystical slipstreaming means. I like to think i know what im doing on this computer but..... aparantly I think too highly of myself :)
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    Basically it combines SP1 with a full version of Windows XP. To upgrade legal corp to SP1, MS will send you a full-install Windows CD-ROM with a new product key to install XP Corp w/ SP1. You can't apply the normal downloadable SP1 to a corp edition, and all previous corp keys will not work with the new "SP1 Integrated" version of Windows XP.

    I think thats what it says