Slipstreaming SP1 to the winxp "devils own" version CD

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by prinsipe, May 13, 2003.

  1. prinsipe

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    I tried to Slipstream the Service Pack files to the winxp CD with serial (DO-NOT-POST-SERIALS).

    After i have burned it to a CD and tried to install it, the serial no longer works.

    what went wrong? please help.
  2. SP1 doesnt work with devil's own serial number.
    I dont think anyone is going to help you cause its warez but Im going to give u a hint - u need to change the cd key for yr windows version.
  3. prinsipe

    prinsipe Not Too eXPerienced

    yeah i know that already.

    im just tired of installing winxp then installing the service pack afterwards.

    im just finding ways (if there are) on how to slip stream the service pack so i can install winxp (devils own that is!) with sp1 all at once.
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    get yourself a legit copy and anything will go fine.
    /mne thinska mod will show up any second now :p
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