Slave/Master Disaster

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Luna64, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Luna64

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    I am beyond confused with these new found fangled Hard Drives.

    I have
    1 60GB WD HD
    1 IBM 120GB HD
    1 Maxtor 120GB HD

    The WD is easy to understand. Put this jumper here, and you will get master. Put this jumper here and you will have slave. Put it here and you will have cable select.

    The IBM and the Maxtor are just flat out stupid.

    The IBM has over 8 different settings depending on the options you want. I have NO Idea how it works. I just spend the last hour testing out confgs with the jumpers to get it to work with my Yamaha F1. As it turns out I could not get my IBM to boot as the master with the F1 as the slave. So I switched the two and now it seems to be working. Still very mad about this...

    Now on to the Maxtor. The WD is set to Master on on the primary IDE chan. The Maxtor... I dont really understand the jumper settings, but they are fairly simple. Anywya, I tried EVERY jumper option there is and it will not boot up. My Bios reports the slave slot as empty.

    Yet if I remove the WD, the drive is found no problem.....
    If I put them both on, WD Master, Maxtor Slave, then my Bios finds the WD but not the Maxtor.

    I am so confused... What ever happend to just Master and Slave settings ?

    Why do they include all this extra crap I don't need!

    If anyone can figure this out I would really be thankfull.

    Does the IBM 120GB require two jumpers ? It has countless picutres of jumper settings that show two jumpers. But for the past 5 months I have always just used one jumper (it came with just one)
  2. pappcam

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    I would think going to the site of the manufacturer and looking up your model would be the way to go. By the way, installing an optical drive and a hard drive on the same IDE channel is not recommended.
  3. Luna64

    Luna64 Guest

    I don't know what I did but after another 30 minutes of just trying different stuff it worked. No Idea how :-(

    And yes you are somewhat correct, but the optical drive will not be burning files from the drive that shares the IDE chan with it.

    Even so, I do not have any free slots so what can I really do about it
  4. easiest way around all ide drives now is to use ata/133 (80 wire) cables and put all drives to cable select.

    they will all set themselves up - on each cable, anything plugged in a black connector will be master and anything in a grey connector will be slave. the blue always goes on motherboard. this includes Cd's, DVDs, burners, zips whatever. move them around all you want, as long as you use the 80 wire cables you will never have to worry about master - slave again.

    :D :D :D :D
  5. Luna64

    Luna64 Guest

    Actually I tried that.

    I set both of my drives to cable select, but when I did my Motherboard would not boot.

    I will have to look up the correct jumper settings and see what went wrong.
  6. Zedric

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    The IBM has a lot of compatibility settings. You should have the "16 heads" settings if they didn't change anything. Upper left corner on my disks btw. My disks also have two jumpers.

    About the WD. Some disks have different master settings, one Maste Single and one Master with Slave. I'm not sure if the WD requires this.
  7. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    as far as i recall (without lo0king in my case) to set the ibm's as master, the 2 jumpers should look something like this...
    | : : |

    none of mine are slave, so i can't really remember that one. i think like...
    : : | | (top side up)
  8. Luna64

    Luna64 Guest

    So the GXP takes two jumpers ?

    I am confused because mine shows two jumpers in the picture, but it only came with one.

    It also shows two different settings for 15 heads and 16 heads. I don't know which one to pick.
  9. melon

    melon MS-DOS 2.0 Political User

    Now I remember why I have only owned WD drives over the past ten years...

  10. Luna64

    Luna64 Guest

    Yea, I am also just going to stick with WD from now on.

    IBM makes it a real pain to do anything.
  11. TechSupport

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    choose the "16 heads" option on the IBM drive... you will need an extra jumper though i imagine... have u not got an old mobo or something u can nick one off??
  12. Luna64

    Luna64 Guest

    I'm sure I can find one.

    I think I might have one stored away in my "box of old pc parts"

  13. seagate and maxtor are all easy..........wd isnt only one. ive never had a wd last ..... never had a seagate die...........

    using cable select settings were you using the ata133 80 wire cables?
  14. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    pretty dumb reason to choose one harddrive over another, if you ask me. :rolleyes:

    yeah, luna... you need 2 jumpers. once you got that, it's pretty simple.
  15. Luna64

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    Thanks for the help.

    The jumpers should be easy now that I have figured all this out :)