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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by seeme, May 8, 2003.

  1. seeme

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    Just out of COMPLETE curiosity, as i've been collecting MP3's since about 1998 when we had some of the earlier encoders available that would take like 1 hour to encode a 3 minute song at 128...and it was unheard of to uave a bitrate exceeding that as well...

    I've just compiled my MP3 playlist, and excluding my classical collection which is a completely different kettle of fish, my stats are as follows:

    2317 tracks in playlist, average track length: 5:05
    Playlist length: 196 hours 50 minutes 35 seconds

    ive attached my playlist as well, if anyone wants to download it.

    I shudder to think how much space is take up on my hdd from this collection...especially considering that my average bit rate is 192kbit/sec...which brings me to the poll!
  2. SPeedY_B

    SPeedY_B I may actually be insane.

    Midlands, England
    Thanks to a hard disk crash I've only got 256 tunes in my playlist atm, some range from 45-70minutes though.
    Personally, I don't like mp3, I prefer ogg with a quality setting of 3 or higher.
  3. Indomidable

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    My playlist for all my music is around 900 songs. Taking up around 4Gb of space. Adverage lenth is around 5min.
  4. macromp

    macromp the retarded one

    been collecting since about 2001, 1636 files, 105 hours, 27 mins and 36 seconds, size = 6.87 GB

    oh and the first question, i prefer 192kbps :)
  5. blinden

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    Pittsburgh, Pa, USA
  6. JohnnyGreb

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    1895 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:15
    Playlist length: 134 hours 25 minutes 5 seconds

    But I've got about 10 recently ripped CDs I've yet to add to my playlist.
    ..And I prefer 192k

  7. Jahya

    Jahya Guest

    Last time I checked I had over 7500 mp3s consuming approximately 40gb of drive space. About 1/2 of those are my own rips, some I actually bought online and the others.... well ummmmm. Everything I ripped is 192 except my M.O.D. albums which are ultra super high quality VBR. Everything else is a mixed bag, but I'd say on average probably 160. I have nothing less than 128 b/c its just not worth it @ 112 or less.
  8. sboulema

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    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    i only got 268 mp3's. 1,115 gb mostly 128 and 192 kb.

    "This tagline is made just for you."
  9. Glaanieboy

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    The Netherlands
    I have 1422 songs in my playlist. I always had always encoded at 128 kb/s, for portability with my MiniCD MP3 player. But, soon I am gonna have a new MP3 player with 15 GB of space (the Philips HDD100), so i will re-encode my CD-collection to 192 KBs.
    Unfortunately that doesn't count for my 80's collection, which was when I got it already 128k coded.
  10. rick_422

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    glannieboy, i fear that if you encode your music from 128 kb/s to 192 kb/s, i dont think you will actually get any better sound quality. you will just get files that say they are 192 kb/s
    unless you are doing your cd collection, which i just say that you wrote, you wont have any problems!

    but thats a tip for those out there that didnt know
    ok, ill be quiet now...
  11. apu95

    apu95 Caffeine-->Code Converter

    Montreal, Canada
    i have a very assorted collection...from video games to even britney....ull see
    i have 1021 songs, 65 hrs 40 min 29 secs. Most of the mp3s are at 128, with a few video game albums at VBR and 192 kbps. total space taken is 3.65 gb approx.
    playlist is included
  12. Ketchupisyourfriend

    Ketchupisyourfriend OSNN Senior Addict

    I used to use winamp2 to generate an html playlist but haven't quite figured out how to do that in winamp3. So anyway I'm not sure of total hours or anything but there are 2698 songs in my list. Anything that I encode is done at 192, other than that I'll just get the best one I can find. My Music folder takes up 11.5 gb on my hdd.
  13. Glaanieboy

    Glaanieboy Moderator

    The Netherlands
    I said re-encode my CD-collection ;)
  14. JohnnyGreb

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    I've come close to doubling my playlist since I last posted...

    3642 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:12
    Estimated playlist length: 255 hours 14 minutes 35 seconds
    (147 tracks of unknown length)

    Need to fix those 147 though.

  15. deej0tt

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  16. ketchup=friend theres a Winamp3 component called Playlist Guardian which will generate an html playlist :)
  17. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    too big unfortunately - pushing 50-55gb I imagine... Most are my own rips and the rest are downloaded (no point in justifying it, cuz its non-justifiable tbh). Majority are at 128kbps (because 192 used to take forever to encode, 128 was slow enough)... the newer ones are 192 or higher (I've ripped some albums which sound awful at 192, so they get re-ripped at either VBR using Lame or at 320)