site very dissappointing recently

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  1. Haven't been a member long, but recently this site has become very sad. It no longer alows you to download tweaks from the xp tweaks section, keeps comming back saying not found on this server, this has been going on for quite awhile and no one seems interested in fixing it, i lost a few tweaks awhile back and wanted to redownload them but it no longer alows you too?
    Most of the conversation on here are from computer users who truely have no idea and only make guesses, I don't see the point in even having such a site, especially one that is named NTFS which should be primarilly the descussions... Thanks for allowing me the time to check it out but the more I do the less impressed I am... Please feel free to delete this account as I have found more detailed and imformative sites that leave this one in the dust...
    Good luck with your endevors and I hope you care enough to update site more offten and make it more functional, otherwise I don't see it lasting much longer.... It needs seriouse review... but thats only one mans opinion...
    Thanks for you time for listening.
    Good Luck All
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    :( Sorry you feel that way.

    I feel you miss the point somewhat though. The very nature of a forum is to invoke active discussion. User experience is going to vary greatly, not all threads start with all the neccessary or relevant info detailed, so people offer suggestions. Everyone has to learn right?
    I notice this is only your 3rd post. Forums can't exist if we all read and don't write, and as you seem to know what consumates an inaccurate guess. I'm surprised you never felt the need to contribute some wisdom if you felt it was lacking. If you joined in instead of watching from afar, you might find there are some good people here with plenty of knowledge and advice. It's up to the individual to read the posts and decide the validity of the information therein. If it's an obvious guess then ignore it, or better yet, correct the error.

    I am neither admin nor moderator, and my views are my own, and do not neccessarily reflect those who run this service.
    just thought i'd share ;)

    Good Luck Maximum :confused:
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    Re: Re: site very dissappointing recently

    Well said Erbmaster :)
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    when windows xp came out... and we were called Xperience... there was a lot of active discussion @ the time due to the sheer number of people looking to learn more about their o/s's and we had the personel to help...

    we also were hosted on different servers and after our move all the changes we wanted to implement have not been made @ this time... EP... our side admin will probably fill you in with more info on that if he posts... he's in the UK so asleep @ this time probably...

    remember we are volunteering our time... and yet most of the people here who are active do give very valid information... there are of course many people who may not be fully aware of the workings of software or hardware and have basic conceptions of technology... BUT everyone who discusses here learns in one way or another... :)

    communities are made better by active and positive contributions... and we appreciate feedback from users of this site as well... constructive criticism is always appreciated... your post is partly constructive.. partly disrespective... but I will leave it @ that..

    I am personally active on many boards including this one... and so are most other members on these forums... each one offers something different... each one is special in its own way...

    there are sites that look better than ntfs.. have more users or more educated users in some fields... or perhaps have more downloads :) but we have our own community and every member is appreciated...

    they have put up with this community even when the servers were down or lagging and various features were not working...

    it is unfortunate that you could not enjoy your Xperience here... I hope you have a better time on the other forums...

    edit : btw... AFAIK this has been your sole contribution to this thread :) just found that interesting :)
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    Re: Re: site very dissappointing recently

    very well said m8:cool:
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    I Don't quite understand, ok maybe the downloads didn't work, but these forums are rich and flowing with detailed information and multimedia,

    If there is anything you want to ask it is highly likely to be answered, the people here are all nice and a good laugh!

    I think this is best site on the net, whether you dis-agree or agree, but I like everyone that works and plays here,

    You'll be missing out by leaving, but your choice :)

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    opinions are like your butt everyone has them and they all stink.
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    look at that EP was all over it, how could you not love a site like this?!:eek:
  10. To the whole NTFS TEAM Unlike max I would love to thank you all for helping me. (I'm sure there are allot of others that would say the same). I started coming here when it was because I had just got my first computer. And I needed someplace to go for informative information and I found it here. Everyone here are without a doubt the most helpful people I have found. They haven't burned me for posting stupid noob questions. And all seem really nice. Not to mention from what I can see if there is a problem all you have to do is say something and it gets fixed. Ive never built a website or had to maintain one but I do know that it takes allot of work and effort not to mention money to run one. And on top of all that I'm sure you all have other jobs and a life that may or may not include ( girlfriends wifes kids). I applaud all the hard work and effort you have put into this site to make it great on top of everything else in your life.
    Thank you.
    Nathan :happy:
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    LOL! :D
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    I have gone from not knowing how to find my cookie folder to now ( I do not know how anyone can live without 4 HDD's and overclocking their video card, LOL). All thanks to the dedicated forum goers like of you guys. NTFS members have basically held my hand throughout my learning curve. I still have a long, long ways to go. But with NTFS, the road there is filled with enjoyment and great discussion. Thanks Everyone. Sad to see you go, You expertise is needed in here. I know. I got questions that you might be able to help me with.......

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    Re: Re: site very dissappointing recently

    the original quote is "Opinions are like a$$holes everybody has got one":D
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    was trying to keep it "G" rated in here :)
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    truly i haven noticed that there is a big different. Mostly BaD